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How we work for you and what it will cost

Probably you have never hired an attorney and you are not sure how to proceed. Don’t worry, we will make the process as easy as possible.

Our main product is the personal attention we give to your case. We know that immigrating may well be the most important decision you will make in your life. For that reason, we make no compromises when it comes to professional work: Your case will always be handled by an experienced attorney. That attorney exclusively practices immigration law and will be focused on your needs.

The first step is: send us an inquiry or give us a call. Tell us about your question or problem. We will check if we can help you and discuss some basics. This first contact is free.

If we determine that we can help you answer the question or solve the problem, we will offer you one or more of our services:


    After the initial review of your matter on the phone, we will schedule a consultation. During this consultation we will discuss all the options you might have, review all the documents you already have and set a strategy to handle your case.

    Often you do not even need to come to our office to solve an immigration problem. We will discuss your question or problem on the phone. To keep your costs low, and make things very convenient, we offer to do this on the phone whenever possible.

    This consultation can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. You will be asked to pay a consultation fee before the consultation is scheduled, that will cover the time reserved for your case. It is not refundable, but will be credited if an agreement is signed and paid for that we will handle your case.

    Visa, Green Card and other applications

    If “papers” need to be filed, we will guide you through the whole process. First we will carefully discuss all your options. Then we will file all applications, petitions and other necessary documents. We will prepare you for interviews and communicate for you with the authorities. In almost all cases we do not even need to meet in person, so we can help you with all your applications even if you are outside of the United States. In that case, we will work with you and the U.S. Consulate on your visa applications and other matters. 

    Representation in court
    If you are in removal proceedings or your case needs to go to court, we will take your side and will be your advocate. We can represent you in Immigration Court, all California courts, most Federal Courts and before the various agencies such as the Board of Immigration Appeals.

What will it cost you?

We understand that you are concerned about costs. To help put your mind at peace we offer most of our services on a flat fee basis. That means, we will be able to quote you the cost up front, and we will not charge you anything after your first payment. There will be no surprises. Because every case is different, we can only tell you how much it will be, once we have discussed your case.

In some cases we will not know at the beginning, what amount of work we will have to put in your case. This often happens when we need to represent you in court. In this case, we will charge you by the hour we spend on your case. We will give you an estimate at the beginning of the case and will ask you to pay a retainer fee.

Your first email or first phone call to us is free. In it we will find out if we can help you in your case. Please understand that we cannot solve your case in that call but only evaluate it for further representation. We will charge you a consultation fee for the initial consultation after the first contact. This fee will be credited if we sign an agreement for further services.

Our fees may not be the cheapest, but they are fair. Competitors who offer much lower fees than we do must compromise on the quality of their work to make ends meet. We do not compromise: you deserve the best.

Yet, our fees are low, because we work very efficiently. And we will not bill you through the backdoor: we will never bill you for photocopies made, etc.

Payment of our fees is due at the beginning of the engagement and can be by check drawn onto an U.S. bank or by credit card. We do not offer payment plans or contingency fees.

Send us a question about your case

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