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New: Deferred action

If you came to the U.S. before you were 16...

and you are now under 31 years old, you have graduated from high school or earned a GED or attend school or served in the US military, you have lived in the United States on June 15, 2012 and continuously for the last 5 years before that day, and do not have a significant criminal record...

...you will be protected from deportation and can apply for a work permit!

What do I have to do to get the work permit?

You will have to file several applications and pay $ 465 to the government and you will have to prove that you fulfill all the conditions described above.

What can your attorney do for me and how much will it cost?

Our attorney can try to solve the tricky details for you: What is “a significant criminal record?” “What is enough proof of continuous residence?” “How do I file those applications without making a mistake?”

To give you peace of mind we offer three packages:

1. The peace of mind application package: $ 300

We will consult you about all your options. We will prepare all applications for you and file them with the government. We will review all the proof you have and guide you how to collect more evidence. We will make sure everything is in order.

2. The record review package: $ 300

If you have a criminal record or a history of immigration violations, it is very important to have it reviewed before you file any applications. Some crimes will trigger the government’s deportation criteria. Immigration law is stricter than state criminal law. You can be deported even for certain misdemeanors, and even if those have been expunged by the state! Our attorney will thoroughly review your record and guide you about your options.

3. The combo package: Review and filing: $ 500

We will review your records and file all applications for you.

ALL PRICES QUOTED ARE EXCLUSIVE OF THE GOVERNMENT FEES! The government fee for filing a work permit application will be $ 465.

To be fair to our other clients, we cannot give any free consultation on how to file such an application. In an initial phone call we will check if you generally qualify for deferred action for free. This excludes a record review!

Call us at 951-710-3250 or email us at info@wolfklaw.com

This new policy does NOT give you legal status. You will not get a green card, nor will you be able to apply for citizenship. A work permit will not completely protect you from deportation.

Therefore, if you have any other way to get a green card, for example through marriage with an American citizen and a hardship waiver, you should apply for this.

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