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To find out if we can help you please call us or send us an inquiry about your case. Be as specific as you can and give all the information you have. We will answer an electronic inquiry usually within one business day.

Before you inquire about a case, please prepare:

To give you all the answers you need, we have to know as many details of the case as possible. Please try to have the following items ready:

If it is a deportation, immigration hold, or waiver case:

-The charges brought against the immigrant (criminal and/or immigration charges, to the best of your knowledge)

-The immigrantís criminal history, if any

-The immigrantís family situation (married or not, children or not, if anyone in his/her family is a U.S. citizen or has a green card)

-How long the immigrant has been in the U.S.

-How the immigrant came to the U.S. (legally or illegally)

-If the immigrant has been deported before


If you inquire about obtaining a visa, a green card, citizenship, or any other immigration benefit:

-The immigrants prior immigration history (any visa, any deportations, any problems)

-The immigrantís criminal history, if any

-The sponsorís profession and appx. annual income

Please be aware that when we take the case, we expect a retainer payment covering the costs in advance.

An initial case evaluation is free, but it is limited to the question if we can do anything to help you with your case or not. We cannot give specific instructions or answers to general questions about the law without a paid consultation agreement.

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