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For centuries immigrants have come to our shores and built up our great nation. Become one of them!

Immigration attorney Wolf W. Kaufmann and his staff will guide you through all steps of the process of immigrating to the United States. We will fight for you when you face deportation or encounter other immigration problems.

We will treat your case as if it was for our own family. We want you to be our neighbor.

Fighting deportation:

Immigration hold, detention, release on bond, voluntary departure, cancelation of removal, Immigration Court, Appeals

Problems after arrival:

Change of status, extension of status, marriage, divorce, domestic abuse

Undocumented presence, criminal record

Everything about Visa, Green Cards, and waivers

Green Card through family or employment; Work visa and other visa; Waivers after deportation, post-conviction relief


Citizenship by birth; Naturalization


New: DACA and DAPA

Deferred Action & work permits

What clients and fellow attorneys say about us:

Mr. Kaufmann is a competent, knowledgeable and caring immigration attorney. I had the pleasure to work with him and certainly would work with him again. Randy Kravis, Appeals Attorney, Studio City, CA

I really liked working with you. I felt that you knew what you were doing and that you really cared. A client from Germany

Thank you for not charging us an arm and a leg!  A client from Arizona.

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